17 junio, 2011

U Can't Say No! - 4ce the Truth!

Artista: U Can't Say No!
Album: 4ce the Truth!
Lanzamiento: Julio 2007

  1. Intro
  2. Down
  3. The Victim Is You
  4. The Gunshot Sounds Like Your Ruination
  5. Force The Truth
  6. Fallin' Down
  7. It's Okay
  8. Today Was The Day
  9. Go Fight!
  10. The Sun Will Never Rise
  11. This Is The Introduction To The Next Song
  12. Outkast
  13. Don't Avert Your Eyes
  14. The Meaning Of Unity
  16. C.I.A. -The Channel In Abaddon-
  17. So, Sorry Dear My Dad
  18. You've Gotta Feel That Indifferences Worst Crime
  19. Sing Feat. Daisuke From Valve Drive
  20. Outro
  21. Extra Track
Gracias a Skapoo por pasar estos discos que faltaban de este grupo.

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