26 marzo, 2012

音不知 ON'gaeshi!~vol.2~

Artista: 音不知
Album: ON'gaeshi!~vol.2~
Lanzamiento: 02-2011

Excelente disco, para el festejo del 4to aniversario!!!!

01. intro
02. Reviving night.
03. It.
04. The blood of Ska.
05. Only her time.
06. Walk on the ice.
07. Missing Priestess.
[二色蓮花蝶 ~Ancients~][秋霜玉]
08. Onbashira fall.
[神さびた古戦場 ~Suwa Foughten Field~][東方風神録]
09. Dilemma of the moon princess.
[竹取飛翔 ~Lunatic Princess~][東方永夜抄]
10. The doorbell rings twice.

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  1. merci je l'ai trouvé

  2. Hi, how come it is set to ''private'' now in Mediafire? Is it possible to download now? Thanx, cheers